Last Place

I ran my first 10k today.

I’ve run many 5k’s but have never had the courage to do longer distances.   I was nervous.  I hadn’t trained.  As a matter of fact I haven’t run more than two miles in months.

I have a fear every race I do that I will be the last one.  I think it’s my main motivation to push myself.  It happens to someone in every race.  It happened to my mom once.  There she was plugging down the course with a truck right behind her picking up the cones.  She finished.  I’m not sure if I would have.

I was late.  When I finally got to the starting line, everyone was gone.  As I was walking up one of the race officials hollered “Last call for the 10k.”  I was the last person to start the race.

The 4th of July is a big deal around here.  There is a parade that people come from miles around to see.  They even camp out all night to save their place.  Part of the race course follows the parade route.  Here I was at the back of the pack running in front of thousands of people.  I just put my head down and ran.

I listened to my favorite motivational song (twice) and just kept going.

I didn’t finish last.  The good news about starting last is that you pass a lot more people than pass you.

I guess I’ll still have my last place fears to motivate me in the future and my last one starting experience to motivate me to get there on time.

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