If you want to know a little about me, I introduced myself here.  As far as the story of this blog, here you go.

About four years ago I started having a desire to write.  I didn’t take it seriously because I figured I’m not a writer.  Sure I was in honors English in high school and always got good grades on my papers but that was the extent of it.  I didn’t major in English or literature or anything that would give me credentials as a writer.  Plus, I had no idea what to write about.  I didn’t feel like I knew anything that people cared to read about.

As time went on I just couldn’t get the thoughts to go away.  I would sit down and write something here and there in a word document, kind of like a journal, but never did any more than that.

A few years ago I read a magazine article about writing your own memoir.  I was interested in writing mine and even started once or twice but it didn’t last.  Sitting down to write your whole life story is pretty daunting. I knew a little of what it involved because my mother-in-law was in the process of writing the story of her life until she got married.  It seems like all she ever did for 2 years (or more) was work on her book.  I didn’t have that kind of time to invest.

Then one day I just couldn’t put it off anymore.  The desire to write wasn’t going away.  I chose a blog because I was familiar with them and really enjoy them.  I view this blog as my memoir.  A place to write down stories from my life whether they happened today, 20 years ago or anywhere in between and what I learned along the way.  It is mostly written for my children and their posterity but I thought a few others might enjoy it along the way.

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