I read the following phrase in the Reader’s Digest and liked it.  (Yes, I read the Reader’s Digest.  No, I’m not 90 years old.)

“Serenity Parenting”

“Once I became a dad of twins, I noticed that parents around me had a different take on the power of nurture,” writes Bryan Caplan in the Wall Street Journal. “I saw them turning parenthood into a chore – shuttling their kids to activities even the kids didn’t enjoy, forbidding television, desperately trying to make their babies eat another spoonful of vegetables.  Parents’ main rationale is that they’re sacrificing now to turn their kids into healthy, smart, successful, well-adjusted adults.  But according to decades of research, their rationale is wrong.  Parents should lighten up.  I call it ‘serenity parenting.’  Focus on enjoying the journey with your child instead of trying to control his destination.  Accept that your child’s future depends mostly on him.  Realize that the point of discipline is to make your kid treat people around him decently – not to mold him into a better adult.”

Then a few days later I found a link to this article on cjane’s blog.

Parenting is such a tricky thing.  It’s so hard to know if what you’re doing is right or not.  I think both of these give some good ideas to think about and apply to your situation if you feel it’s right.  I know I will.

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