Soccer Mom

Medium Boy had a soccer game tonight.  That boy loves soccer games.  He is always counting down the days until Thursday.  Tonight he hopped up right after dinner and got ready all by himself, without having to be asked.  It’s not easy for a 4 year old to put on soccer socks and shin guards but he tried and tried until he got it.  That’s how I know he loves soccer.

You know who else loves soccer?  Me.  I think I like watching my boys play it more than I like playing it myself.  I discovered lately that watching my boys play sports is one of my all-time favorite things to do.  Nothing beats times like the one pictured above when a goal is scored and your child looks at you with that look of joy on his face.

The first year my husband and I were married we lived about an hour and a half away from all of our family and friends and his job kept him away for days at a time.  One night I went for a walk around the park a block from our house.  There was a little league baseball game going on.  I didn’t know anyone who was playing but I sat down and watched it until it ended.  There is just something about little league sports that is enjoyable to me.

I guess it’s a good thing I enjoy it so much because with 3 boys I imagine there is going to be plenty of little league sports in our future.

2 thoughts on “Soccer Mom

  1. I LOVE this picture!! I love watching little league too, it is wonderful to watch athletes playing for the love of the game.

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