When I was little I didn’t like to wear my seat belt.  It got to the point that my Dad told me that every time I got my seat belt on without having to be asked he would give me a quarter.  All of the sudden I was always wearing my seat belt.  Even though I don’t remember ever being paid for getting it on by myself, I have been a seat belt wearer ever since.

I now have a child who struggles with the seat belt.  He doesn’t mind wearing it, it just takes him forever to put it on.  Then he freaks out when I start driving and he doesn’t have it on yet, wanting me to wait for him.  So, what did I do?  Last week I told him that every time he gets his seat belt on before I get mine on I will give him a quarter.  So far he’s earned 3 quarters and I haven’t had to wait for him to get his seat belt on.

2 thoughts on “Seatbelts

  1. Whatever works! LOL I often remember random little things like this and when I bring it up to my parents, they don’t remember it at all. It just goes to show you that children pay more attention to their parents than you think! I remember SO many things that my parents said or did and they can’t even slightly recall 😛
    And not that my parents weren’t the best parents ever, ’cause they were, but they were never super picky on seat belts. I remember VERY clearly that HARMONY was the one that taught (ok, FORCED) me to always wear my seatbelt. She once pulled over on the freeway because I took mine off (and a cop came and yelled at her for pulling over where she did and then yelled at us for not wearing our seatbelts) but she was SO good at it. She wouldn’t leave the driveway until I had it on and if I took it off at any point during our journey, she’d immediately pull over and sit there until I had it back on. It sure worked. I never leave my driveway without it on.

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