Friday Favorite

I think I might start using Fridays to tell you of some of my favorite things.  I’ll start today.

One of my favorite things lately is Swagbucks.  It is a search engine that gives you points, or swag bucks, randomly when you search.  When you get so many points you can trade them in for stuff.  The only thing I’ve ever traded mine in for are $5 Amazon gift cards but there are lots of different options.  There are a lot of other ways to earn swag bucks but the search is the one that I get the most from.  Searching for things online is something I do everyday anyway so I might as well earn something from it right?  I did get quite a few when I bought a groupon through the site.  It was super easy to do and was something I was going to buy anyway.  I started using the search engine about April of this year and have already redeemed enough points for 5 gift cards.

Although the search has improved in the last few weeks, it still isn’t as good as Google.  I have the swag bucks tool bar so I can easily search with it.  (Plus you get 1 point per day just for having it.)  I always use it first but if I don’t like the results I do another search with Google.  (This rarely happens by the way.)

Swag Bucks is also a referral site.  I don’t have any referrals yet but apparently when you refer someone you get swag bucks when they sign up and then when they earn them from searching or other ways, you earn some too.  I am referring all of you now so if you’re interested go sign up.  I’m trying to get as many as I can over the next few weeks to help with our Christmas and birthdays the next few months.  This is as close to a multilevel marketing plan that you will ever get out of me.

I had heard about the site for awhile before I signed up and really wish I would have done it sooner.

If you want more info on the site or how you can earn bucks there are great posts here,  (this is the first in a series.  There are links to the others at the end of the post.) or just go to swagbucks and sign up.


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