The Internet

Lately I have wondered what life was life before the internet.  I remember taking a computer class my sophomore year of high school where we learned how to use the internet.  I know that there was a time that I didn’t have it but I was young and life was different then.  I can’t imagine being in the position I’m in now and not be able to look anything up in seconds.  How did people get information?  I know we had shelves full of encyclopedias when I was growing up that I would use to write reports in school.  That and a visit to the reference section of the library.  How much easier we have it now thanks to Wikipedia.

I feel like my life has benefited greatly from the internet.  I read several blogs that inspire me to be better in so many ways.  Before the internet we really couldn’t be connected with someone anywhere in the world and know what they did with their life and be able to learn from them.  At least not in the way we can now.  I gain confidence in myself when I read others online who have the same thoughts and views about things that I do.  I also get a lot of motivation when I hear others stories and see what they’ve been able to accomplish.

I also don’t know how anyone ever had any ideas on decorating or do-it-yourself tutorials, etc.  How did you find a great idea to incorporate into your life?  I imagine there were a lot more magazines and books read, or maybe even a newspaper, in order to get ideas.  Thanks to Pinterest and a million craft/design blogs we have so many ideas at our fingertips.

It is so convenient.  How many more errands would I have to run if I couldn’t shop, pay bills, bank, check the library for a book, get emails from my sons teacher, etc. all online?.

Yes, there is a lot of bad that the internet also brings.  A lot of it is really bad but fortunately for me that hasn’t effected me too much.  The worst part for me is the time wasting.  Big Boy once said that I’m always in the kitchen and I’m either cooking or on the computer.  He is pretty much right.  It is so easy to get sucked in and look at everyone’s great ideas even though I have no intention of doing them.  I’m always striving to find a balance with my computer time.  Despite the challenges, I’d choose the internet over no internet any day.

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