Last week I made some Halloween treats with the boys.  I solidified my knowledge of one of my weaknesses in the process.  I am horrible at making things with children.  I get so impatient.  I know they aren’t going to do it “right” and they’re not going to look “perfect” before we start but still once we’re doing it I get frustrated and upset.

It makes me wonder if it’s worth it.  Do I still try to create these kinds of memories?  Do I want my children to associate cute holiday things with an ornery mom?  That isn’t the point of it all but that is what I feel might be happening.  I don’t see any point in continuing under the same circumstances.  Either I need to stop trying all together or keep working on it and trying to have more patience during these times. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep trying so that maybe someday my weakness will become a strength.  Although by that time I don’t think I will have changed as much as the kids will have grown up and will be more capable of doing things like this.  I guess either way things will be better.

Or there is always option #3 which is personally my favorite, let Grandma do it.  Then I keep my patience and the kids get to have the holiday baking and fun memories.  Thank goodness for Grandmas.

2 thoughts on “Weaknesses

  1. I love the cookies! We are going to have to copy you and take some treats to our neighbors! Love, love, love them! How boring would life be without weaknesses? 🙂

  2. The only reason I don’t have this weakness is because I’m just as horrible at making treats. The kid’s cookies usually look better than mine. LOL I’d probably drive you nuts! 😛

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