Friday Favorites

Today I was looking at a blog and saw this post.  Do you know what my first thought was?  “That’s not a very safe place to hang pictures.  If there was an earthquake those would fall on the baby.”  And that’s what happens whey you’re married to an emergency manager.

Have you heard of Hapari swimwear?  I’ve read about it on a few blogs lately and my sister has a suit and loves it.  They’re having a 60% off sale right now.  (You have to use the code FALL60)  I bought myself one for Christmas.  I think I’m in love with the tummy tuck bottoms.  I noticed a difference in them and they feel like they’ll actually stay up.   Granted I’ve only worn them for a few minutes in the dressing room but I think they’ll be awesome.  There’s a store in American Fork if you’re in the area otherwise you’ll have to shop online.  The sale ends Monday.

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