Thirty One

My birthday is this week.  I turn 31.  Last year, when I turned 30, it didn’t really phase me.  I knew I would wake up at age 30 feeling just the same as I did at 29.  I was right.  I guess being married and a mom to three kids is what I would have guessed I’d be doing at 30 so the age didn’t freak me out.

Lately though I’ve had several experiences that have made me feel old.

The end of last summer I was invited to a bridal shower for my nephews fiance.  When I started thinking of a gift I didn’t know what to bring.  I’m the one who brought homemade, often edible, lingerie to all of my girlfriends showers.  Now I was the aunt.  You can’t bring lingerie to your nephews fiances shower.  I felt like I should bring bath towels or something.  I settled on a gift card.

The last two weekends I have attended events that didn’t start until 8:00 p.m.  As I was driving to the first one, alone in the car, trying to keep myself awake it all seemed so weird.  It was totally dark and felt like I should be going to bed not just going out for the night.  Yep, 8:00 is late.  How’s that for being old?

As we were driving home this weekend my husband and I were talking about the radio station we were listening to.  He said that he used to listed to it all the time in high school but now he’s moved onto KSL (local talk radio).  I realized I mostly listen to NPR.

The final thing, the one that pushed me over the edge and made me realize I’m definitely middle aged.  I looked at the Eddie Bauer catalog and thought the clothes were cute.

3 thoughts on “Thirty One

  1. Well if you must know I actually spent more time in the Eddie Bauer outlet than the Gap Outlet during my last shopping trip. If you are old, I’m older.

  2. LOL! I totally know what you mean and yes, I too think Eddie Bauer is cute. Don’t worry, it is when you think Christopher and Banks is cute, then you are getting old!!! 🙂

  3. This post really made me laugh. If it makes you feel any better, I think 8:00 is “late” too and I just barely turned 26. LOL I often find myself laughing at the little things that have changed. Once during the summer this year, there was a group of teenagers behind our house at like 10:30 at night talking and laughing and stuff and I was laying in bed getting all grumpy ’cause they were keeping me up… and then I started laughing hysterically and Bart asked why I was laughing and I just simply said “I’m old!” I remember being that teenager… and the sad thing is, it wasn’t even 10 years ago!

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