As my older boys grow up I have noticed that they tend to have a theme.  Certain things that keep happening to them that don’t happen to the others.

Big Boy is the injured.  I have had to take him to the ER 3 times.  He has had stitches on his face 3 times, a staple in his head once and at least one other cut on his face that probably could have been stitched but we chose not to bring him in.  Of course all three trips to the ER were when dad was gone so I had to handle it.  Yes, the only place that he hurts is his face.  We may be able to call him scar face soon.

Medium Boy is the destroyer.  He has broken more things than I can remember.  Books that made it through Big Boy looking practically new were torn and written on in no time once Medium Boy could get to them.  He tried to throw an 8 lb weight through the sliding glass door once.  The weight won.  Just in the last week he has broken the mirror in the bathroom, broken my hand held mirror, put a quarter in the DVD player in the car, and cut a perfectly good ball of yarn into tiny, unusable pieces.

I haven’t discovered Baby Boy’s theme yet but I imagine he’ll have one.  Please let it be the peacemaker.

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