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Last week I brought all 3 boys to the dentist.  While there they were able to choose a new toothbrush.  I was there when one of the older boys picked one with Sally, from Cars, on it.  He put it in his bag, it was his.  I didn’t see what the other one chose.  I must of had to chase after their little brother (again) and didn’t notice what character went into the bag.

The older boys spent the weekend at their grandparents house.  When they are there they never to go bed on time.  It is something that I know will happen and I’m okay with it.  I figure it’s what happens when you’re at grandma’s house but that also means that when they come home they are TIRED.  Tonight was no exception.

When they were asked to brush their teeth, both of them insisted that the Sally toothbrush was his.  The other new toothbrush was a Mater one so obviously someone was wrong.  Since I knew who actually chose the Sally one, I knew who the liar was but he was already brushing his teeth with the fought over toothbrush.  This resulted in the other child crying hysterically for about 10 minutes.  I had to hug him tight and tell him to take deep breaths so that he would calm down.  When the crying stopped and the tears were wiped away, I told him that we could take the Mater one back in a few weeks, when we have to go back for some treatments, and see if we could exchange it for a Sally one.  His response?  “I realized that I already have a Sally one, I just don’t know where it is.  I want the Mater one.”

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