Cascade Springs


Last week we brought the kids to Cascade Springs.  I had been wanting to get out and see some of the fall colors and this is one of my favorite places to do it.  We happened to have a day with everyone home and nothing planned which doesn’t happen too often.  It was cold and rainy that day and we almost didn’t go.  As much as I wanted to see the mountains at this time of year, a day at home with nothing to do was also very tempting.

As we were there, walking on the boardwalk through the marshy water, I was so glad we had come.  It was such a simple thing, easy to pull off.  It’s not a long drive from our house and since it was a weekday there were very few people out with us.  It is also a great place for kids.  The entire path is paved or boardwalk.  They can run and play and enjoy themselves.

PicMonkey CollageI spent my time there reminiscing on all of the memories that that place holds for me.  The first time I remember going there was when I was in high school.  My friends mom had a Jeep Wrangler and one summer Sunday we took the top off of it and drove it up to Cascade Springs.  We had such a good time that it we did it again soon after.

Another memorable visit was when my husband was deployed.  It was fall again and my sister and I brought my boys up there.  I remember all the places that we took pictures of them, trying to get a good one in front of the leaves to send to daddy.

PicMonkey Collage2The last time we went was two years ago.  We shared the springs with a mamma moose and her baby.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago to me but when I look at how little the boys look it makes me see how fast time flies.

I’m sure there are other times I visited this place, they just aren’t as memorable.  I love having a place that is familiar.  A place that holds memories, that has seen me in the many different stages of my life.  A place where you can go and reminisce and remember how good life is.

I never realized Cascade Springs was such a place for me until now.

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