I first started thinking about angels when I became a mother.  There were several times throughout the years when I would be rocking a brand new baby and notice that they were staring at something above me, something that I couldn’t see.  Even though I couldn’t see it I knew there was something, someone, there.

Those angels that my babies were staring at, they were never strangers to me.  In the beginning when I thought who it could be I often thought of my Granny.  She was the first of my grandmothers to die and I live in her house.  The house she died in is the same house where I was rocking my babies.  It made sense that she would want to return.

When Briella was born and I thought of the angles that were attending us it was Chris’s Grandma Joyce that came to mind.  She died when Chris’s dad was only 15 so none of us were ever able to meet her.  My sister-in-law had a baby two months later and told me she felt Grandma Joyce around her too.

angels 16x20If God is going to send angels to help us I don’t think it’s going to be a random soul who doesn’t know us.  It’s going to be our family members, someone who loves us and cares for us more than we can know.  I also don’t think angels only come to us when have new babies.  I think they are always there, helping us, comforting us, guiding us.  I imagine we would be shocked by the invisible army that surrounds.

Chris grandma died this week.  She lived on the other side of the country and he didn’t know her well.  Because he didn’t have a close relationship with her the sting of death didn’t hit him too hard but I know there are several people who are hurting.  I’m grateful to know that even though she is gone from this world she isn’t gone from us, we’ve simply gained another angel.

bkangelsPaintings by Brian Kershisnik: Top one titled “She will find what is lost.”  Bottom one titled “Angels”.

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One thought on “Angels

  1. I LOVE this artist. I first saw his work at the Card’s. I haven’t seen the first picture you posted. Maybe they sell prints that are not too crazy expensive. My good friends father died really young about 4 years ago. Since then both she and I have heard Elder Holland testify of family members on the other side of the veil as angels that help us consistently. Almost every conference if you listen or read close. I loved this post. You are such a great writer. Love you. Love this.

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