Hi, my name is Heather.

I’m also known as Bubba, or Bub for short.  It’s a nickname I’ve had for as long as I can remember, probably because I got it when I was a baby.  I was a chubby baby (the cutest ones are right?) so my family started calling me Baloo like the bear from The Jungle Book.  Well my sister just older than me couldn’t say Baloo so she called me Bubba Louie and it stuck.

Here I am with my husband.

He’s an officer in the National Guard.  We have been married for almost 9 years and he is by far the best thing that has happened to me.

I spend my days home taking care of these 3.  Big boy just turned 7.  He is too smart for his own good.  He is the best big brother anyone could ask for.  Medium boy came up with his title himself when baby boy was born.  He is 4 and keeps me on my toes.  Baby boy is a very sweet addition to our family.  He turns one next month and is a joy to us all especially now that he is sleeping through the night.

I am the 8th of 10 children.  I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers.

I am a Mormon.

I enjoy reading blogs, reading books, family vacations, camping, scuba diving, hiking, getting good deals, cooking, and watching my boys play sports.

I wish that I were a photographer, seamstress and runner.

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