Today I went to the library.  I only needed to return a few books and grab a book that I had on hold.  It would only be a second so I left my bag in the car.  (I live in a pretty safe town, I wasn’t too worried about it getting stolen.)  Since I only had Baby Boy with me I was in the library and ready to check out in no time.  I started the process when the computer asked me, like it has for the last year or so, if I wanted to pay my fines.  I clicked the “Pay Later” button like I always do.  Then a big red box popped up and told me I couldn’t check anything out without paying my fine.  Apparently you can’t push “Pay Later” forever.  So I stashed my book in a close spot and went out to the car to get my debit card.  When I got back in I paid my fine and tried to check out the book but it said there was a problem with my library card and I had to take it to the circulation desk.  I was using Eli’s card to check out a book because I couldn’t find mine.  I waited in line and it turns out they had my lost card.  I’m glad to have it back but so much for my quick trip into the library.

After the library I went to Costco.  On my way in there was a display of windshield wipers.  We need new ones on our car so I grabbed some.  When I got home I got the mail.  There were Costco coupons in there.  One of them is a buy one get one free coupon for the exact same windshield wipers.  (A similar thing only worse happened to us when we bought our video camera a few months ago.  I won’t go into it now.  It still bugs me.)

Medium Boy had a soccer game tonight.  He was playing at the neighbors when it was time to go so I got everything ready and picked him up on our way.  We were there about 10 minutes early but he still had to change his clothes and get his cleats on.  I figured we were right on time.  When we pulled in the parking lot he told me that he pooped in his underwear.  (We have had a stomach bug going through our family for a week or so so this is not the first time this had happened recently.)  I turned around and drove home.  You can’t play soccer in poopy pants.  When we got home Medium Boy went into the bathroom and said “Oh, there isn’t any poop in my underwear.”  So back to the game we went.  Luckily the field is only 5 minutes from home.

Funny thing is, it was pretty much a normal day.

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. You need to teach Med. boy Jason’s old saying of “never trust a fart.”
    Return the stuff to Costco then re-buy it. I know that’s a pain but I would totally do it. AND, at our Costco up here they have the coupons right at the Customer Service counter so you can grab them on your way in and never miss a deal.

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