Cafe Rio

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I had Cafe Rio for dinner yesterday. (And I might have had the leftovers for breakfast this morning.) The worst break up of my life happened at the same Cafe Rio.  I met my boyfriend there for lunch.  I had been out of the state all summer and was so glad to have a Cafe Rio salad again.  Before we went in he said he wanted to go on a walk and talk.  I knew it wasn’t good.  On the walk he told me that he wanted to date someone else.  This wasn’t a surprise to me, I had known about her all along.  He technically wasn’t my boyfriend he just acted like he was.  It still crushed me.  He asked if I still wanted to have lunch with him.  I didn’t.  Instead I drove to see my brother at work and bawled my eyes out.  Sorry Kurt.  Then my sister bought me a Hogi Yogi sub for dinner and forced me to eat it even though I was way too sad to eat.  I thought he had ruined Cafe Rio for me for good.  Thought I’d never go back.  Oh how glad I am that I was wrong.

I’ve only been broken up with one other time.  I was 15.  He was my first kiss.  In our church it’s recommended that you wait until you’re 16 to date.  I didn’t follow that recommendation.  My boyfriends parents weren’t too happy that I wasn’t 16.  They talked him into breaking up with me.  At least that’s the story I heard from one of his friends.  I don’t remember being too upset about the whole thing.

I’ve only broken up with one boyfriend.  Two days later we were engaged.  Man am I glad that break up didn’t last.

4 thoughts on “Cafe Rio

  1. i adore the picture you posted to go with this entry! did you take it? break ups are hard, even if you are the one doing the breaking. i can attest that life without cafe rio is very,very, hard….

    1. Jen, no I didn’t take it. I googled break up and it was one of the pictures that came up. I thought it worked well.
      I have some recipes that you can make your own Cafe Rio but it’s just not the same. It tastes almost the same but it isn’t as good when you have to make it yourself and it’s pretty time consuming.

  2. I admit, this post made me laugh a little. Just because I remember how it was to be “broken up with” at that age. And I mostly laughed at you breaking up with your now-husband. I always loved hearing the story about how my Dad proposed to my Mom and over the years, the older I get, the more truth I hear about how it REALLY went about (specifically from reading Mommy’s book this year) but now I wonder if I’VE heard the “real” story about how you guys got engaged, or if my Brother told it in a way to give the story more laughs… (He said you were mad at him for dragging his feet and said something like “When are you gonna ask me to marry you?” or something) Now I’m curious to hear how that all REALLY played out 😛

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