The Fair

We spent the afternoon at the State Fair.  I felt a little bad going into it because we got Big Boy out of school early and Medium Boy missed preschool.  I had already paid for tickets though and it was the only day we could go.  I’m not one who lets money go to waste but mostly I love the fair and really wanted to go.

Even though it rained part of the time it turned out to be a great day.  We stopped for dinner on our way home and it felt like a mini vacation.  It was one of those times that I thoroughly enjoyed my children.  Even when they were being loud and standing on the bench.  I laughed when Big Boy shot his straw wrapper in my face, then I shot mine back at him.

There are times like this in my life, when everything seems good and right.  From the outside you wouldn’t see anything special about that time.  We were at Denny’s, the kids were being kids, the baby was hungry and impatient for his food, we took more than one trip to the bathroom, but the time felt magical for me.

M. Russell Ballard once said,

The joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.

This was definitely one of those moments of joy and satisfaction.  It made me wish that everyday could be like this.  I know they can’t be.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be so grateful for them when they came.

It also made me realize that sometimes there are things that are more important than school and spending time with your family is one of them.

One thought on “The Fair

  1. love the quote. love your afternoon. love that mom taught us there are more important things then school sometimes. love your new blog design. love you.

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