A Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

My dad has always been someone I’ve looked up to.

He seems to always have the answer for any question that I ask him.  Whether it’s about a doctrine from our church, a medical ailment, something about history or anything in between, he knows the answer.

My dad made us breakfast every morning growing up.  It was usually pancakes, sometimes french toast or cream of wheat.  In the winter time he would make warm grape juice from the grapes at my Granny’s house.  That grape juice is still one of my favorite things.  He read The Book of Mormon to us while we ate.  Then he drove me to school, even in high school when we only lived a block from the school.

Sometimes he would take the bus to work so that one of us kids could have the car.  He once told me that the only people who rode the bus were mentally handicapped or BYU professors, like he was.  A professor, I mean.  Not mentally handicapped.

I played soccer in high school.  I only remember 2 games that my Dad missed.  One was a few hours away and he couldn’t make it.  The other one was the day my sister got married.  I probably shouldn’t have been at that one either.  I had one of the best plays of my soccer career at that game.  I was sad that my dad missed it.

One time when I was a teenager my dad washed my favorite yellow shirt in a batch of darks.  When it came out it wasn’t quite as yellow.  I didn’t handle it well.  Sorry Dad.

My dad can drive.  And I mean for hours nonstop.  We went on lots of road trips growing up.  He drove and drove and drove.  I’m not sure how he does it.  I remember laying on the seat of our 12 passenger Ford van on road trips, looking out into the night sky and listening to old country songs on the radio as my dad drove on.  Those old songs will always remind me of my dad.

We went to Maine on a trip once.  Two of my sisters and I were so excited to eat lobster by a lighthouse in Maine.  We each ordered lobster for lunch.  None of us liked it so my Dad ate 3 lobsters for lunch that day.  He didn’t seem to mind much.

There is nothing better than awesome dad.  I know because I have one.

Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you.

8 thoughts on “A Birthday

  1. Just for the record, I made breakfast a few times that I remember! and Dad begin it when I started teaching early morning seminary and wasn’t even home until after breakfast time!!! loved the post – you kids do have an awesome Dad and I love him to pieces!!! and have for 47 years…45 married to him.

  2. I agree that this post is awesome and we do have one awesome DAD!!! You are a good writer Bub and I love how you captured so beautifully the wonderfulness of our Dad! Love you Dad!!

  3. I think Dad and Mom figured out how to take care of all of us in ways that worked for them. I doubt that Mom was in bed, more likely she was getting us up, dressed, and ready for school; either that or changing yet another diaper!! I am so grateful for our parents and everything they sacrificed for all 10 of us so we could have the things we needed.

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