Blast from the Past


Sept 15, 1994

Dad’s birthday.  I missed his party.  I was getting a keeper shirt.  It cost 74 dollars.  Kurt bought it for me.  It has all different colors on it.  School and soccer were the same.  I went to YW (a weekly activity for the youth in our church) after shopping.  We had a surprise party for Pat.  Tons of people were there.  A lot went, the most that have gone for a long time.  It was fun.  Then I did homework, got in the tub, then got ready for bed.  Kurt is so awesome.  He bought me a 75 dollar keeper shirt.  Dad is going to call and see if we can get some money back because he told dad we could get a deal but we didn’t know that so we didn’t try to get one.  I hope we can get some money back.  Well, goodnight.

I have the best brothers.  I still remember Kurt buying me that shirt.  I was really grateful then and still am now.  Thanks Kurt.

p.s. For those who are interested I changed the picture on this post.  You might want to look at it.

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