Blast From the Past

December 1, 2001

I went out on my first date with Chris tonight.  It was okay.  We went to his Guard Christmas party.  We pretty much went and ate dinner then left.  We came back and watched the BYU game.  They beat Mississippi by a field goal in the last minute but Luke Staley broke his ankle.  Oh well.  Chris was bothering me during the game.  He just doesn’t watch football a lot so I knew more of what was going on which I don’t really like.  Plus he kept saying dumb comments.  After the game ended we played cards.  Then he didn’t bother me anymore.  I’m mad at myself a little though because we made out again tonight.  It was on the love couch to my make-out cd so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  It wasn’t for too long though and we were actually talking about stuff but then Eve came home.  Anyway, he did say that he liked me a lot.  I asked if he liked me or if he liked to kiss me.  His answer was that he liked me.


*Post Edit – I kind of sound like a tramp, making out (again) on our first date.  Just for the record, we had been hanging out for two months at this point and were already “dating”, this was just the first actual date we went on.

3 thoughts on “Blast From the Past

  1. you are so brave and funny to post this stuff!!!!! I love that Chris was bugging you on your first date…also that you made out “again” on your first date! hahaha….you’re awesome heather…noah is hitting me with a plastic sword trying to get my attention, guess i better go.

  2. This made me laugh SO hard. “Plus he kept saying dumb comments”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And I can’t BELIEVE you made out on your FIRST DATE!!! *GASP* …ok I’m kidding 😛 but this was adorable. ahhahaha

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