The Today Show

This morning I was watching the Today Show as I finished exercising.  Big Boy loves the news and was watching with me.  The first three stories on the Today Show were 1. The Penn State sex abuse scandal, 2. Silvio Berlusconi stepping down as the Prime Minister of Italy and the fact that he has been involved in several sex scandals, and 3.  The Herman Cain sex abuse story and the fact that his wife is now campaigning with him.  Fifteen minutes of the news and it was all about sexual abuse in some form.  And my 7 year old is sitting there on the couch taking it all in.  I was thinking the whole time that I didn’t want him to be watching this, wondering what he was thinking, what questions he was going to be asking me.  Wishing that he could remain innocent longer.

Unfortunately, he lives in this world that is obsessed with sex.  It’s one of those things he’s going to hear about.  I’d rather he hear about it while I’m in the room with him so I know what is being said.  He hasn’t asked any questions yet but I know they’re coming.  He is getting to that age, the age when it needs to be talked about.

Then this afternoon on the radio there was a story about a gang who has switched from selling drugs to forced prostitution as a way to make money.  They force women and girls (as young as 12) into prostitution.  It said they charge $30-$50 a visit with 10-15 visits a day.  Those numbers make me sick.  15 times a day some poor girls is forced to give her body to someone.  15 times a day someone is paying for sex from someone who is forced to give it to them.  And that’s just one person, one day.

What is this world coming to?  It’s pretty sad when you can’t even let your kids watch the Today Show because you don’t know what they’re going to see.

2 thoughts on “The Today Show

  1. I totally agree – I turned the tv off the other day while the news was talking about the Penn state sex scandal – makes me sick.

  2. we were listening to the same npr story…you know that i have always been really open with talking about sex with my kids. but i this time i quickly turned the radio off. when sophie asked me how someone can sell their body i just mumbled and changed the subject. i couldn’t explain to her. it is such an awful thing. i don’t want her to know about prostitution until she is older. we did talk about what is happening at penn state as a way to review who can touch you and where ,etc. it is sad that we have to prepare our kids for things they shouldn’t have to even know about.

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