Blast From the Past

July 19, 96

Today was pretty boring but tonight was fun.  Me and Lindsey rode bikes down to Hogi Yogi and visited Anna.  Then we went and visited Tony at Quick Stop.  We talked to him for about an 1/2 hour.  He might come tonight and get us around 3.  I kind of hope he doesn’t.  I’d be scared to sneak out.  Well, anyway, I went with Anna, Cassi and Sarah around 10:30.  We went over to Movies 8 and picked up on guys.  It was okay.  We only talked to two cars.  The first ones were dorks but the second ones were okay.  They weren’t fine or anything.  Well if Tony comes, I’ll tell tomorrow.


July 20, 96

Tony did come last night.  Well actually this morning.  He woke Jennie up because he didn’t see my window.  Jen came and woke me up.  We mostly drove around Spanish Fork and Salem.  We picked up some of his friends too, two boys and two girls.  They were pretty cool.  Kind of weird but aren’t we all.  Tony took his van.  He doesn’t have his license either, only his permit.  I was so scared that we were going to get pulled over.  Good thing we didn’t since we were throwing rocks at signs and mailboxes.  We left about 3 and came back at 5:15.  So I slept in until 12.  I don’t think I like Tony anymore.  He’s dang cool and I like him as a friend but last night I didn’t really feel attracted to him.  But we’ll have to wait and see.


The only time I snuck out and it wasn’t even fun because I was too afraid of getting caught.  Thanks for assisting my rebellious ways Jen.

2 thoughts on “Blast From the Past

  1. That is so funny Bub! I think about that night sometimes and I too DID NOT like that night – I kept thinking, what if those boys are destroying old people’s mailboxes and I just felt so bad about it. I wanted to go home the whole time but was obviously too much of a wuss to ask. Man, stupid things that teenagers do.

  2. Holy moly! I can’t believe I helped you sneak out! At 3 in the morning!!!! I think it was a good thing to not “like”Tony anymore. The benefit of keeping a journal. Makes me wish I had!

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