Thankful Tree

One of my favorite holiday traditions is our families Thankful Tree.  Every night in November, until Thanksgiving, we each write what we’re thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the tree.

I especially love these from a certain 7 year old who whines every time he is asked to do even the smallest amount of work and is the king of delaying bedtime.

Then there were days where he made me laugh and melted my heart with ones like these…

I also loved watching my four (now five) year old learning to write and spell words.  He insisted on doing it himself every night.

(Computer, microwave)

(Babies, tape and glue)

(school, Legos)

I’m also glad for the opportunity to slow down every night and think of what I’m grateful for.  I have so much I could fill the tree three times over and still find more to be thankful for.  I love our Thankful Tree.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Tree

  1. I so want to do this! I keep forgetting. If you remember will you remind me next year? Where did you get your tree? Love, love, love!

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