Being Positive

So many times at the end of the day it is easy to see all that is left undone.  The rooms that are still a mess, the clean clothes that still aren’t folded, the items still left on the “to do” list.  So tonight I’m going to focus on the positive.

Today I …

  • Called the health insurance and dental insurance.
  • Brought two kids to Target in the freezing cold.
  • Spent some time cleaning up the downstairs.
  • Wrote 2 blog posts.
  • Cleaned part of the kitchen.  There is now one counter that is completely cleaned off.  It’s a start.
  • Put pots, pans, lids and bowls back in the cupboard multiple times.
  • Made dinner.
  • Spray painted a basket.
  • Played with Baby Boy.
  • Remembered to have Medium Boy bring a check and the book bag to preschool. (Both of which were forgotten last Friday.)
  • Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the big boys.
  • Helped the big boys write letters to Santa.
  • Talked to my husband and finally came to a decision on a dental issue we’re facing with Big Boy.

All of this on top of changing many diapers, getting drinks, dressing children, etc.  I feel much better about my day now.

One thought on “Being Positive

  1. I am such a lists person and sometimes at the end of the day I look at the things I haven’t done yet on the list and that perhaps have been on the list for days (or weeks, sometimes) and get discouraged that I didn’t get anything done that day, then I look at all of the items already crossed out and think about the time I spent with my children or doing something for them and feel better. Thanks for helping me remember to look at the crossed out things more often!!!

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