Blast from the Past

(Me and Matt, my first boyfriend.  Yes, I look like a ghost.  It was winter but I’m also claiming some wash out from the flash.)

January 9, 96

MATT KISSED ME!  Oh today was such a good day.  Matt came here after school.  He stayed until 7.  At first we were just talking and stuff, then we went and sat on the couch.  We were just holding hands at first.  Mom and Dad left and the tv was unlocked so we watched tv for awhile.  Then I was just laying on his shoulder.  Then we watched Hook.  We got all cuddled then.  We were holding hands, my leg was between his but only down by the feet.  I had my hand all the way around his chest and it was stuffed under his back.  Oh I loved it.  We had sat like that for a long time.  So many times our lips were about a centimeter apart.  I wanted him to kiss me so bad, I thouhgt he would but I wasn’t quite sure.  Then one time when our faces were close he just moved a little and kissed me.  It was two small pecks, then Lindsey started talking to me.  I feel kind of stupid though because Sammy and Lindsey were both in the room.  I don’t think they saw us though.

My first kiss and my little brother and sister were in the room.  I’m embarrassed at how much I described how we were cuddling.  The things that are important to a 15 year old.


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