If I were to name 2011 it would be called The Year of Star Wars.

Last Christmas I wanted to get my boys a new Wii game.  They were both really into Legos so I figured a Lego Wii game would be the way to go.  I checked them out on Amazon and decided to go with Lego Star Wars, mostly because it was the cheapest.  Little did I know the impact that decision would have on my life.

By New Years Eve we had purchased The Phantom Menace.  All six movies were in our dvd cupboard before the end of January.  The Wii game has been played more than I care to admit.  Clone Wars is a regular recording on our DVR.

It doesn’t stop at media.  We have light sabers, masks, Lego sets and alarm clocks.  Even matching Halloween costumes and a pair of Darth Vader shoes.

That still isn’t all.  Probably 80% of what comes out of Big Boys mouth, if not more, is about Star Wars.  Baby Boy can sing The Imperial March for heaven’s sake.

All because I spent $15 on one video game a year ago.

It is amazing how much one small choice can affect your life.

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