Nothing Going Right?

Just wanted to share a few things that happened over the last week or so.

I was making some gifts for the boys friends and needed an xacto knife.  I knew we had one but couldn’t find it.  I looked everywhere I thought it would be and it wasn’t anywhere.  I even looked in the garage.  Our garage is a disaster and for me to find anything out there it is a miracle.  No miracles happened.  I ended up using a plain razor blade.  It hurt my fingers and didn’t work as well but I managed to get the job done.  After I got the stuff cut out I needed to paint it.  Off I went to find a paint brush.  I looked in the garage again.  I never found a paint brush but you know what I did find?  The xacto knife.

We chose to refinish our wood floor a few days after Christmas.  The plan was for me and the boys to spend a few days at my in-laws house so we would be out of the way and because access to most of the main living space in our house would be off limits.  About a half hour before I was going to leave I got a call that my niece, who was also at my in-laws house, had thrown up.  We all thought the sickness was really contagious and we probably didn’t want to go to their house.  It had been going around and seemed to be caught quickly and easily.  My nephew was there and they were sure that he would get it, my mother-in-law too.  I decided that I didn’t want to risk the boys or I getting sick and spent the day at my sisters house instead.  The next day my sisters kids were both sick, throwing up all over.  My mother-in-law and nephew, fine.

We ended up staying home for the night, sleeping in the basement while work went on upstairs.  I woke up in the morning with a tingling lip, the first signs of a cold sore.  I have a prescription that helps a ton if you take it as soon as you feel the cold sore coming on.  It was upstairs in my bathroom.  The same bathroom that is at the end of the hall that had just been stained and couldn’t be walked on until it dried.

I had heard a few people talking about the peppermint shakes at Chick Fil A in December and how good they were.  I really wanted to try one but we don’t live close to a Chick Fil A.  We ended up having to stop at a store to get something for my father-in-law one night.  The store was close to the Chick Fil A.  We went there for dinner and all I really wanted was the shake.  It was Dec. 30 and they didn’t have them anymore.

I bought a whole case of oranges a few weeks ago.  My kids love oranges and we were going to have company over Christmas.  I thought we would eat them.  We ended up having most of the case left and they needed to be used.  My father-in-law has a juicer so we brought them up there.  They made the best fresh juice.  We made a few batches and drank it fresh but before we left my husband and I spent about an hour juicing all of them.  We put the juice in a washed milk carton and brought it home to enjoy over the next few days.  The next morning when we went to drink some of it, it was disgusting.  There was a bitter taste that totally ruined the whole gallon of juice.

We are going on a family vacation soon and my husband and I will be scuba diving while we’re there.  I haven’t dove since 2009 and he hasn’t dove for awhile either.  We decided to go to a place close to us as a refresher.  We invited other members of his family who dive and figured we would just bring the kids then we could switch off diving and staying up on top, swimming with the kids.  We had bought something for my father-in-law and he was going to repay us by paying for us to dive.  We ended up getting there really late but about a half hour before the others.  Since we were there first we ended up paying for everyone.  Then Baby Boy wasn’t too happy to be in the water and just wanted me to hold him.  I spent the whole time holding Baby Boy while my husband snorkeled with the other kids.  We never actually dove.  The rest of the divers in the family did, just not us.  And a scuba tank fell on my toe.

Yes, it seemed like nothing could go right for a few days.  Some of it is due to lack of planning or organization and can be fixed but most of it is just life.  It is easy for me to spend my time focusing on all that went wrong with my week and not even give a second thought to all that went right.

But you know what?  The friends gifts turned out adorable and now I know where the xacto knife is the next time I need it.  None of us got sick.  I only had to wait an hour for my cold sore medicine and it didn’t make much difference.  I didn’t really need to eat a shake for dinner.  My mother-in-law is going to babysit the boys this week and pay for us to go back up and scuba dive and our floor looks amazing, better than I had hoped.  Sure, I’m out a few dollars and an hour of my life for bad OJ but if that’s the worst thing that happened to me this week then I’m doing pretty well.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Going Right?

  1. Geesh Bub, so crazy! I hate it when life feels like that. I’m glad you had a good perspective though and that things worked out!

  2. funny post. well kind of. glad your floors turned out so well! makes me want to see them. i had a peppermint shake and didn’t think it was too special….sorry you didn’t get one. xo

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