A Love Story (part 2)

November 25, 2001.

My 21st birthday.

The best birthday of my life and I don’t even drink.

It was a Sunday.  Usually I think birthdays on a Sunday are kind of a bummer but this one wasn’t.

We had the neighbor boys over for dinner. 

And later a party that my sister had planned.  A lot of people came, mostly guys, all of them friends.

It was awesome to be surrounded by so many fun, great people.  I don’t remember what we did at the party, probably not much except hang out and just be together. Nevertheless, I had fun.

Chris was there.  He left before some of the others and since it was my party I figured I should stay.  I told him I might come over later.  After everyone was gone, Emilee and I went across the street.  We stood at the door and talked to Chris for awhile then Em went home and I went in.

We sat in his living room talking.  He was listening to Celine Dion and it was cracking me up.  What 23 year old guy listens to Celine Dion?  One who is trying to set a mood I guess because before the night was over he kissed me.

Chris’ birthday is the day after mine.  Although I can’t be sure of the time of the kiss, I like to think it was right around midnight.  A birthday kiss for both of us.

That night I wrote “Today was the best birthday ever.  I almost don’t want to go to bed so that it won’t end.”


3 thoughts on “A Love Story (part 2)

  1. linked from my email so I didn’t see the pics the first time. holy moly. you look so adorable! and so young! fun to see pics of you and chris before it was you and chris. xo

  2. dude! that party was straight up dudes. I think it was just the roommates and like two other gals and 20 guys…. hahaha. so great!

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