This Family of Mine

Yesterday morning my husband and I laid in bed.  We laid there and listened to all that was happening around us.  Medium Boy got Baby Boy out of bed, took his pj’s off and started changing his diaper.  When he discovered it was poopy he asked me for help which I gladly offered.  After the bum was clean, Medium Boy wanted to put the new diaper on.  I helped him get it on tight, then he got Baby Boy dressed while I got back in bed.

Big Boy came into our room and climbed into our bed.  He lay there next to me, my arm around him, holding him close.  He will be 8 soon and I see him growing up every day.  I know that someday, sooner that I’d like, he won’t want to climb into bed with me anymore.  Won’t want to lay with me and tell me about his dreams and let me warm him up from the cold winter air.  So I just lay there holding him and listening to anything he’ll tell me.  Enjoying it as much as possible before it’s gone.

Medium Boy went into the kitchen and made breakfast for us all.  (Warmed up oatmeal left over from the day before.)  He was so proud of himself for all that he can do, knowing that he was helping out.  I wonder how long this will last, his wanting to help.  I hope it’s part of his personality but know that it could be a stage.  So I take it all in, let him do what he can for his little brother.  He is such a great brother, someday he will be a great dad.

After the little ones eat they’re back in my room, playing together on the floor.  Laughing, having fun.  With my arm still around Big Boy I look over at my husband and say “Look at what we’ve done.”

This is amazing, this life we’ve created.  The life God had given us.  To have these three boys we love so much.

Of course there are the bad times.  The times when the yelling, fighting, and pestering is too much for me to handle.  Times when I think “look what we’ve done” in a totally different way.

But those times are worth it if it means I get the joy of Sunday mornings laying in bed with my family happily around me.

2 thoughts on “This Family of Mine

  1. I love this. The good times are amazing, and it is good to record them. I love the moment in your life this post captures.

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