My drivers license expired on my birthday last year so the week before, I went to the DMV to renew it.  My husbands license also expired so we both went on the last convenient day we could’ve done it.  We went through all of the paperwork and it was time for the eye test.  I looked into the test thing and couldn’t tell what the first letter was.  It was either a C, O or G but I couldn’t tell for the life of me.  I started to panic a little thinking that I couldn’t fail the eye exam.  I had to be able to drive and didn’t have time to get and eye exam and glasses before my license expired.  Then I heard my husband next to me say C, P, …  So I said exactly what he said.  Yes, I cheated on my drivers license eye exam.

After that I figured I should get my eyes checked.  I’d never had an eye exam before because I never felt like I had a problem.  I knew that my eyesight had gotten worse, things far away were blurry and I had a hard time making them out but I was still functioning.  Back in the beginning of January I had my eye exam and found out I had an astigmatism for which I got a prescription for glasses.  (My eyesight is still within the legal limit for driving so I didn’t feel too bad anymore about the cheating.)

Well, going to choose glasses wasn’t high on my list of priorities so I just recently filled the prescription and my glasses came today.  I was excited to see what a difference they would make.  I figured it wouldn’t be much since I’m still legal to drive.  Oh boy was I surprised.  I put them on and immediately felt like the world had been turned on in HD.  Everything was so much clearer.

You know when you get a new phone or something and there is that plastic protective cover on it?  Well, you can use it with it there but when you take it off it’s all the sudden so clear.  I feel like a protective cover has been taken off of my eyes.  It’s great.  I had planned on only wearing the glasses off and on for reading, driving at night, etc.  but now that I have them I don’t know if I can go back.  When I take them off now I can’t believe how blurry everything looks and I’ve only been wearing them for 2 hours.

It makes me wonder how long it’s been since I needed glasses.  How many years have I lived with blurry eyesight because I didn’t realize it and didn’t take the time to get my eyes checked.  If I had done such a simple thing I could’ve been seeing clearly all this time.

Which leads me to think of what else there is in my life that could be so much better with just a little attention?  What am I just living with because it’s what I’m used to but it could be so much better if I just worked on it a little?  What am I missing out on because I’m too caught up in day to day living? In what other ways can I start seeing?



4 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. Love your glasses. And this post. Something to reflect on. Makes me think of the Lord constantly pleading with us to have eyes that see, hearts that hear. You really look beautiful!

  2. I remember when I got my first glasses. Mom and I were driving home and I actually saw leaves instead of just a green blob. I love the way you write Bub. Your insights always make me think. I like your scriptural reference too Jen. Thank you!!

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