021 We decided to celebrate President’s Day this year by going snowshoeing.  I learned and relearned a few things on this adventure.

First, I love that we live so close to the mountains.  The location of our house is really the reason we bought it.  We clocked our drive up and it was 14 miles from our house to where we started our hike.  It took about 15 minutes.

Second, it takes a lot longer than 15 minutes to get four kids ready to go snowshoeing.

Third, it is okay that it took us longer to get ready to go snowshoeing than we actually snowshoed.  Minor detail.  I had to remind myself that we do this kind of thing so that the kids will grow up to love the outdoors as much as we do and have some new experiences.

051Fourth, K is too big for the kid carrier back pack.  I guess another pair of snowshoes is in order.

Fifth, the weight limit on snowshoes matters.  This was easy to figure out after the fifth time I sunk into the snow up to my thigh.  It really isn’t easy to get out of snow that deep when you are wearing snowshoes (especially when they get stuck on a buried tree) on your feet and a baby on your chest.

Sixth, snowshoeing can be quite the workout.


Seventh, E is going to be quite the outdoors man.  He is our hiker, fisher, snowshoer, rock climber, etc.  Every time we go on an outdoor adventure he jumps right in, rarely complains that he’s tired and enjoys it all.

Eighth, put the baby into the Moby Wrap after you get your snowshoes on or your husband will have to put the shoes on for you and you will feel like you’re pregnant again.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I’m crazy enough to do it all over again.

But not until next year.

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