Party Hardy

I’m having a Norwex party on facebook this week.

It’s totally stressing me out.  I really don’t want to do it.  I hate this kind of thing yet here I am.

Why do it then?  Well, I decided last month that in 2016 I wasn’t going to let fear and shame hold me back.  I look back on my life and there are many times I didn’t do things because I was too afraid of the shame that would come from rejection or not being good enough.  Now I feel like I totally missed out on some awesomeness because of that fear  and I don’t want to let fear keep holding me back.

So, I’m having a Norwex facebook party.  And if no one joins it and no one buys anything and I don’t earn the free mop that I really want then I will be okay.  And maybe in the future the fear of failing at something so simple won’t hold me back anymore.

3 thoughts on “Party Hardy

  1. I’ve actually been wanting to try some of their stuff but I’m never on facebook so sorry I missed it! 🙂 Fear and Shame and life stealers .

  2. I would have participated it I had known! next time send out an email to friends and family – who don’t do fb very often!!! love, Mom

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