This morning as I helped Keenyn get ready for school he told me that a sweet girl from his class went to another school this year because she didn’t have any friends. It made my heart hurt.  After the kids went to school, I went on a walk and passed the middle school bus pick up.  All of the neighborhood kids were hanging out in big groups, socializing and waiting for the bus.  Then I noticed one boy standing completely by himself away from all the other kids and my heart hurt even more.


This afternoon as I was driving, I remembered this note that I saw in Eli’s room last night.  His cute section leader in marching band gave it to him last week and it is full of encouragement and motivation and tells him that she cares about him and believes in him.  It makes my heart happy.

I’m not sure if there is much of a point to this post other than to say that life is a crazy mix of emotions but the contrast of it all adds so much beauty and depth to our living.

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