Oh laundry!!

This comic made me laugh out loud when I first read it because that is pretty much how I feel about laundry. I never had a hard time keeping up on laundry until I had Briella and since then, 6+ years later, it seems like laundry is all I do. Well, that and feed people.

I also figured out awhile ago that laundry is a buffer for me. Whenever I have a minute during my day and don’t know what to do I turn to laundry. Since it’s always needing to be done it is always there to help me feel productive. The problem is that doing laundry isn’t really getting me anywhere. Sure, I’m going nowhere in clean clothes but that isn’t much of a consolation.

We got a new washer last week and the main reason why I chose the one I did was because it made it so that all of the people who live in my house would be able to put their own clothes, sheets, etc. in the washer and start it by themselves. And surprisingly, it has worked. Briella loves to use the washer and is always asking if she can put stuff in it. I’m sure that will wear off eventually but I’m taking full advantage of it until it does.

Along with the new washer came the miraculous events of my bed wetters not wetting the bed for several nights in a row. So between not having to wash a bunch of bedding and Briella wanting to wash all she can get her hands on there isn’t any laundry for me to do right now.

And now you know why I am actually writing again. Without any laundry to do there’s nothing else standing between me and my dreams.

One thought on “Buffers

  1. LOL! I love that comic! I started last year making my kids do all their own laundry. It is amazing. And totally not my problem if they don’t have clean clothes to wear! Their laundry never hits their drawers though. It goes from the dirty hamper to thrown clean in a laundry basket that stays on their floor. I really don’t care too much. I guess maybe I should?

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